Friday, July 15, 2011

COTR: 2011 Update

As I sat at home reading Ultra Running Magazine last night, I was so proud to see Central Ohio Trail Runners so prominently features, both in the results, the races they direct, and the pictures. We are making a name for ourselves on a national stage, and it’s so cool to be a part of that. In the coming months that trend will continue as results for races such as Forget the PR, Kettle Moraine, Mohican, Western States, Hardrock, and the upcoming Burning River are posted.

Since we’ve been so busy running (myself included) it’s been difficult to post results from recent races. It’s finally time to get around to that, as there are several people that deserve recognition for great achievements, and for representing the COTR. Here is a brief (incomplete) summary of some notable COTR results, as well as photos of runners wearing their COTR shirts. (I have included everyone here who is either from Central Ohio, that I know of, or has purchased a COTR shirt and therefore supports the club...making this a bit of a random results listing)

Forget the PR Mohican 50k:
Several COTR participants…too many to list. The premier spring race in Ohio.
(WARNING: Skinny Beasts have been known to attack unsuspecting runners in the water.)
(Tom Patton approaches Fire Tower aid station.)

Promise Land 50k:
Sandi Nypaver - 5:31:36 (1st Place Female)

Ice Age 50:
Shaun Pope - 6:27:18 (1st Place Male)
Sandi Nypaver - 7:30:14 (1st Place Female)

Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Run:
Ted Niemann - 100.02 miles (no picture available)

Kettle Moraine 100:
Seth Chin-Parker - 23:42:49
(Seth with the thumbs up and a smile after completing his first 100 in under 24hrs.)

Mohican Trail 100/50/Marathon:
Michelle Bichsel - 100 Miles - 25:44:09 (2nd Place Female)
Greg Trapp - 100 Miles - 25:55:06
Michael Patton - 100 Miles - 26:08:14
Jay Smithberger - 50 Miles - 7:52:44 (2nd Place Male)
Nick Hanson - 50 Miles - 10:02:10
Shannon Fisher - 50 Miles - 12:25:34
Suzanne Pokorny - 50 Miles - 13:20:48
Kyle Lemke - Marathon - 4:14:51 (1st Place Male)
(Regis Shivers Jr. and Michael Patton at the Mohican Trail 100. Photos available were limited do to copywrite protection.)

Western States 100:
Shaun Pope - 20:29:26
Sandi Nypaver - 23:52:30
Rocky Allen - 26:53:01
Stephen Zeidner - 28:36:35
Ted Niemann - 29:34:33
Kevin O'Grady - 29:54:24
(Ted and Steve prodly wearing their COTR shirts before the start at Western States)
(Stephen Zeidner @ Western States)

Hardrock 100:
Gregg Trapp - 47:40:00

That's my incomplete recap of the summer so far. Stay tuned for future results.


  1. I just moved to the area and have been wanting to explore the trails a little more (I'm from southeast Ohio where the trails are abundant). Do you guys do groups or anything like that?


  2. Is this Blog still active or is there another COTR resource?