Wednesday, April 6, 2011

COTR @ Umstead

A few of the COTR members before the gun went off at Umstead. From lett to right: Jay Smithberger, Kathy Wolf, Lindsey Brokaw, Terri Lemke, Mike Keller, Michael Patton, Star Blackford, Darris Blackford, and Steven Zeidner.

It was an incredible day at Umstead for Ohio runners! We had 15 runners start the day and 12 received their buckle. Of those 12, Jay Smithberger was the top finisher at 4th overall in a time of 14:52 - a PR. Other people to buckle and PR were Star and Darris Blackford, and Terri Lemke. First time 100 mile finishers included Kathy Wolf, Mike Keller, and Lindsey Brokaw. Michael Patton also received a one day buckle. The always reliable Fred Davis III finished in 26:20, Harold Vessin finished in just over 28 hours, and Karen Kramer finished in 29 hours. Darrin Bright made it to mile 87.5 before a DNF due to injury. Dave Huss and Julie Bowen-Miller completeed 75 miles and Shane Sampson completed 62.5.

Congrats to all that ran, especially those who earned their first buckle or set persaonal bests! A big thank you goes out to everyone that came down to Raleigh to support the runners, including family, friends, crew, and pacers!